Mario Run

Super Mario Is Here For Your iPhone And Ready To Disrupt Your Life

Farewell to the work week – Nintendo’s Super Mario Run is finally here for iOS and you can officially download it to your iPhone

Need further convincing? Well, “here we go“:

Okay, so the promo video is a little lame, but fans are going troppo for Mario hitting iPhones for the first time. However there is a catch. The game is free to start, but involves paying $10 after three levels to unlock the full version. Sneaky.

But this doesn’t seem to be stopping the hype.

The game involves playing with one hand as you control Mario to jump over, on or up onto things. There’s also a competitive mode to compete with mates to get coins, do sweet stunts and combos. Mario behaves differently depending on the timing of your taps, so it’s up to you to show off particularly smooth moves, gather coins, and reach new goals. Yes, it is as addictive as it sounds.

There’s also a ‘Kingdom’ building mode that lets you create your own buildings and decorations using items you acquire with the help of Toads through Toad Rally.

Nuff said – get yourself some Mario action here.

Mario Run