This Swedish Kid’s TV Show Released A Song About Periods

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A Swedish kids TV show has released a song and accompanying video in attempt to normalise menstruation to its viewers.

The song is sung from the point-of-view of a young boy who is encouraging others to be more understanding of their female friends. It’s a cool idea, but the first verse contains some lyrics that might come as a bit of a shock to its especially young audience:

“It’s a thing that happens to girls sometimes / They don’t want to talk about it / Maybe they’re a bit ashamed / They don’t want us to know anything at all / But we know, that it, it’s something totally normal / We just need to be a little extra nice to them / Show a little patience / It’s just a little blood.”

While the video stars a young boy singing with a ukulele, the crew have added some nice touches to express their point. Things like, dancing tampons and blood splattering on the screen are a nice touch. Yep, there is blood splattering on the screen.

It’s not the first time the program, that airs on Sweedish Public Service TV, has tried to normalise taboo subjects for children. Last year they released an animated video titled ‘Willie and Twinkle’ that featured a penis and vagina that become best of friends. Its kinda cute.

Willie and Twinkle‘ is an english translation. The original title “Snoppen och Snippan is way more hilarious to say. Go on, give it a spin.

The word ‘snippan’ was invented by a group of women in response to the lack of acceptable slang terms for vagina in the Swedish language.

The ‘”Snoppen och Snippan”‘ video went viral almost immediately and has clocked 6.4 million views on Youtube. The Barnkanalen channel will be hoping ‘The Period song does the same.