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Helena May Have Just Dumped The Bachelor & People Are Bloody Shook

In the first time in The Bachelor history (in Australia, at least) a contestant, Helena, has dumped our Bachy during a hometown episode.

First off, Helena’s day showing off her home in Western Australia was going well. It started with a game of tennis (kind of), then Matt was introduced to the whole fam.

But the night hit a road bump as the subject of Matt and Helena’s first meeting came up. Matt (foolishly) couldn’t remember whether or not Helena spoke French during their first interaction, as he pondered, “You didn’t speak French on the red carpet from memory, did you?” which sparked Helena to hit back with a disappointed: “Oh my God, Matt. I spoke French like the whole time.”


This mind blank from Matt absolutely rocked Helena and sent her into a spiral. She later debriefed with her sister and they both agreed it was a red flag that could mean that Matt wasn’t that invested in their connection.

Helena then pulled Matt aside to tell him the fact he didn’t remember their first meeting “kind of scared” her and Matt tried to assure her with vague terms like “there was a spark for me.” Whatever that means?!

She then seemed to break up with Matt, telling him, “To me I can like tell that you’re not in this. My family can tell you’re not in this. To me I’m just like ‘What am I doing here?'”After a brief hug, Matt walked away and Helena went back into the house.

While it seemed like things might have been resolved later in the episode, Helena backtracked again saying “I can’t do this. I really can’t.” Matt tried to convince Helena to stay but whether she will come to the rose ceremony seems to still be up in the air. Yikes.

This shit was tense and viewers are screaming: