Brooke Blurton The Bachelorette

Brooke’s Season Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Has Been The Best We’ve Seen In Years

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Brooke Blurton is about to pick her chosen one on The Bachelorette after a groundbreaking season of firsts for the franchise and we couldn’t be more stoked she’s found her love story.

Brooke is a proud Noongar-Yamatji woman and as we know, her series of The Bachelorette has made history, as Brooke is the first person to date both men and women on the reality show.

Fans of the franchise have been screaming out for more diversity for years, and Brooke has been the perfect leading lady to front this heartwarming and groundbreaking season. Not only is she super genuine, but Brooke has been someone on the hunt to find an everlasting love ever since appearing on The Bachelor in 2018.

Brooke is open about the fact she hasn’t had the easiest upbringing and her authenticity and desire for love is something that has shone throughout the series, making us all jump behind her in the hopes she gets the happy ending she’s after. It’s been an emotional season but it’s also been an absolute pleasure to watch in so many ways.

Here are just a few reasons why Brooke Blurton’s The Bachelorette has been the best season yet:


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1. The diversity

Australian TV still has a long way to go in terms of representation and diversity, but Brooke’s season has been a good step in the right direction. The show has made sure to honour Brooke’s roots throughout the season including a Welcome to Country in the premiere, as well as Acknowledgement of Country at the start of each episode.

Obviously the fact Brooke is dating both men and women has been a huge step forward for the franchise too and dates like the Mardi Gras-themed episode were joyous to watch.

2. Most contestants, if not everyone, seemed to be there for genuine reasons

This season was relatively drama-free when it came to those forced “characters” that tend to pop up on the show for their 30 seconds of fame. There were no mean girls, no bad boy models, no Wazzas storming out in a chicken suit. Everyone there seemed super stoked to be able to spend time with Brooke and most of them appeared to be there to find love. Maybe minus Ryan, who is currently trying to sponsor his own Instagram posts. You do you, boo.

3. And the frontrunner hasn’t been AS obvious

Look, we’re all pretty sure Darvid is gonna win this thing but that just comes down to the betting agencies historically being right about the final outcome and the fact the two were allegedly spotted together since filming wrapped. Regardless, it’s been a tight race, especially with the likes of great personalities like Holly, Jamie-Lee, and Konrad thrown into the mix: Brooke’s had so many good contenders to choose from that we don’t envy her final decision at all.

4. We got to see who Brooke really is and what she wants

I don’t think we’ve ever had a leading Bachy be so communicative and direct about what they wants from her future partner: from her plans for her future family to making sure the contenders knew she needed a strong, stable partner in her life, Brooke hasn’t shied away from having any of the difficult conversations in order to make sure she’s making the right decision for herself, and she’s made sure to set consistent boundaries in order to make that decision.

5. And best of all, she was vulnerable and wore her heart on her sleeve

IDK about you guys but every time Brooke cried, I cried. It was nice seeing a leading Bachy so in touch with her own emotions: from the moment she opened up to Konrad and they shed some tears together, to her obvious guilt and sadness when saying goodbye to people she had formed connections with. A lot of leading Bachys have been more robotic in the past as they go through the process, so watching Brooke share her emotions and be vulnerable was super wholesome.

We also can’t end this article without mentioning one important thing:

Brooke has easily been the best-dressed Bachelorette we’ve ever seen. Her fashion this season were worth watching the whole season for just on its own.


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We are not worthy of Brooke Blurton.