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Kurt From ‘The Bachelorette’ On Being Labelled A Himbo & Compared To Timm

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He was portrayed as a loveable himbo on this year’s The Bachelorette but Kurt Herzog proved to be a dark horse in the battle for Brooke Blurton’s heart.

Kurt found himself involved in some drama in the season’s early weeks when he told human lie-detector Steve that he noticed a flirtation going on between Ryan and Jamie-Lee, leading to Ryan being booted out by Brooke.

While Kurt didn’t manage to get a single date with Brooke, he did score some quality time with our Bachy by winning two different group challenges. It was during these moments that viewers learnt that Kurt was a wholesome king, he enjoyed working with kids in his role as a sports mentor, and had a sensitive side.

In classic Kurt style last night, when Brooke sent him home ahead of hometowns, he told her that he will see her soon and suggested grabbing a coffee. I don’t know if Brooke’s current partner would be cool with that but I appreciate Kurt’s enthusiasm.

We spoke to Kurt about his time on the show and asked him every burning question imaginable.

Kurt Herzog from The Bachelorette on his connection with Brooke Blurton, being labelled a himbo, and being compared to Timm Hanly.

On how it felt watching himself leave last night:

“Watching it back brought back all the feels, I didn’t think it would but I was really invested in her and I was pretty shocked when I got feelings so quickly in the mansion. It was hard watching it back but at the same time it was nice to see that she has beautiful people left.”

On whether he actually plans on catching up for a coffee with Brooke:

“Of course! If she’s keen, I don’t know if she’s keen? Maybe not! I’ll wait and see but I’d love to. I’m not a guy who holds grudges, so if she wants to, I’d be down for it.”

On how he came across on TV:

“It was funny. I wish someone had told me to be a bit more animated when I talk because I just sounded like I had a monotone robotic voice. I wish I moved my forehead a bit more because my forehead just didn’t move. I wish I raised my eyebrows or something, or used my hands a bit more. I just looked very robotic and all my mates were like ‘That is not you!’,” he said.

“I think I was nervous and just overthinking what I said. I did come from a place where I lived that only had a population of 100 people, and I had just toured around Australia solo. I think coming into an environment with a heap of people — like 20 people and cameras in your face — it rattled me more than I thought.”

On whether he agreed with being labelled a himbo by viewers:

“I like the fact that they’ve called me a good-looking person. That feels good! I had to Google ‘himbo’ last night by the way, I didn’t know what it meant. Maybe that’s a himbo moment in itself. I like to think I’m somewhat intelligent but maybe I just don’t show it. People have told me in the past that I’m a bit of a goofball, a bit dorky, and can come across that way, so it doesn’t bother me.”

On whether he has worked out how to mix the colour grey yet:

“Well yeah, Millie taught me last night — black and white! But I honestly had no idea, hey. It stumped me. I’m like, grey? It’s such a weird colour. It’s a high pressure situation [laughs].”

On whether he was surprised to leave last night:

“I felt like it was my time but I was always trying to remain hopeful. After that group date, I could see that a lot of people had a strong connection with Brooke and a lot of that was based on their single dates. I didn’t have a single date, but I did get some extra time.

I just felt like I needed to get away from sitting on a couch, which is the majority of the way I spent time with Brooke. I was always remaining hopeful, I did feel like we had a connection and spark. I was banking on her wanting to get to know me more.”

On whether he felt a genuine connection with Brooke:

“After the first extra time, I was ‘woah!’ like I can’t believe I’m actually getting feelings for a girl after spending one hour with her — which was super weird. But there’s a lot of time between catching up, so I’d feel myself plateau a bit, then I’d talk to her and feel super keen again. I did feel like there was a genuine connection on my end anyway.”

On comparisons to former Bachelorette contestant Timm Hanly:

“I knew it was going to happen. When he was on the show, I got so many messages saying ‘You remind me of this guy so much.’ Then all the sound guys on the show [this year] were like ‘Dude, you are the spitting image!’

I’m happy with it! He’s a good-looking dude, he’s charismatic, he’s outgoing. I think I’m like the timid or the Wish version of Timm Hanly. I’m a bit more chilled out, but I’ll take it, he’s a really nice guy and a top bloke.”

On the drama around Kurt telling human lie-detector Steve about Jamie-Lee and Ryan allegedly flirting:

“Watching the human lie-detector thing was weird because I don’t remember saying half the things I said. There were a few other people who talked about it at the time too, but I was just relaying information on what I was told.

What wasn’t shown was that I did have a chat with Ryan off-camera before going to bed one night and I asked him personally if he was there for Brooke or Jamie-Lee, and he said he was there for Brooke. I actually told that to the human lie-detector… and I told Brooke that too,” Kurt said.

“I was a bit upset that didn’t make it [to air].”

On who he wants to win Brooke’s heart:

“It’s a tough one. After Darvid’s first date, it was such a strong connection. I was like ‘fuck this, may as well just go home, it’s done!’ But then he didn’t get much time [with Brooke] until the second single date. It’s hard as she has a lot of different relationships with all three of them, but I think it will be Holly or Darvid. With Jamie-Lee, I didn’t see enough of their connection to be able to tell you if it was good,” he said.

“I’m happy for anyone to win who is right for Brooke. I want Brooke to win.”