University Of Newcastle: How To Get Extra Adjustment Points For 2021

Here’s How You Can Get Extra Points Added To Your ATAR To Help Achieve Your Uni Dreams

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Safe to say that not much has gone to plan in 2020, and that’s especially true if you’re in Year 12. Finishing school is hard enough without having to do it during *all this*, which is why the University of Newcastle is giving school leavers who apply to study in 2021 an extra five adjustment points on top of their ATAR.

From classes moving online, to less opportunities to earn money, and even the stress of just existing right now, COVID-19 has hit Year 12 students particularly hard. So the University of Newcastle wanted to do something about it.

Year 12 students who apply to study at the university in 2021 will receive five Year 12 COVID adjustment points. They’ll be added automatically to your Selection Rank, which is your ATAR plus any adjustment points you receive.

Unlike some of the uni’s other adjustment points, you don’t need to meet a checklist to be eligible for the Year 12 COVID points or even submit a separate application to get them.

But in even better news, you’ll still be eligible to receive other adjustment points, up to a total of 12. That means you can still boost your Selection Rank through the Regional and Rural adjustment point scheme, the Educational Access Scheme, the Year 12 adjustment scheme, and more.

The University of Newcastle offers more than 100 undergraduate degrees in everything from robotics, climate science, and business analytics. The additional points will help you get into all of these degrees, excluding the Joint Medical Program.

2020 has been a real time, but institutions like the University of Newcastle are making it easier to achieve all your goals despite everything that’s happening.

Check out more information on the five Year 12 COVID adjustment points plus other available entry schemes here. Just another way the University of Newcastle is giving students the best chance of getting in to uni.

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