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Everyone Is Arguing About Whether You Have To Wash Your Legs In The Shower

Greetings, loved ones. There’s a lot going on in the world right now — we have a federal election on Saturday, politicians still refuse to acknowledge climate change, and people are signing petitions to have Game of Thrones redo its final season.

But those things aside, there’s another debate gripping the internet currently and it’s all to do with shower habits. More specifically, whether or not people wash their legs in the shower.

And it’s not just your everyday plebs talking about it. Ellen DeGeneres even questioned Taylor Swift about whether or not she deliberately washes her legs in the shower.

Taylor does, FYI, because essentially you are washing your legs properly when you’re shaving them. Makes sense.

The debate came about after Twitter user Conor Arpwel tweeted this simple, yet viral poll:

It’s important to note that Conor identifies as a leg washer.

With the poll looking like it’ll reach a million votes by the time it finishes, it’ll come as no surprise that people have a lot of opinions on this matter.

Those who identify as “leg washers” are rightly shook that people out there aren’t washing their legs:

But the people who aren’t washing their legs are raising some convincing arguments:

Here, at Punkee, the conversation also raised some serious debate in the office, with a clear divide between those who wash their legs and those who don’t.

And then, things took a turn as one staff member raised, “those of you who aren’t washing their legs, what about your feet?”

As an enthusiastic leg washer, I don’t even want to know the answer to this question.

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Honestly people, buy a loofah and lather up, you’re stressing me out.

So let’s settle this in the comments. Do you actively choose to wash your legs in the shower?