WATCH: Katy Perry’s Politically Charged Music Video For ‘Chained To The Rhythm’

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Katy Perry has released a colourful music video for her latest single ‘Chained To The Rhythm’. However, if you look past the vibrant theme park, you will notice Perry’s making a much larger statement.

Katy has officially become woke.

The video points out the conformity of society and our obliviousness to what’s going on around us. In the video, a robotic crowd of people are glued to their devices, as symbols for Facebook likes and reactions pop up, suggesting a social obsession with the appearance of perfection and getting validation for it.

White picket fence lined houses representing the American dream lift up off the ground only to plummet down. Perry who supported Hillary Clinton during her election campaign also has a ride called ‘No Place Like Home’ in the video, a quote from one of Clinton’s speeches. The ride literally throws people over a white picket fence, perhaps symbolic of the wall president Donald Trump plans to build.

While the song itself isn’t getting much love from critics, the political cues throughout the music video paired with the song’s lyrics position ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ as much more than just an 80’s inspired tune.

Check out the video for yourself below: