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Ch. 7’s ‘Australian Spartan’ Is Totally Not A Complete Rip-Off Of ‘Ninja Warrior’

Following the bonkers success of Australian Ninja Warrior, which will return later this year to Channel Nine, network competitor Channel Seven are launching an obstacle based gameshow called Australian Spartan. But don’t worry, it’s a totally different show guys.

Sure, the series brings together Australia’s greatest athletes, in the ultimate test of endurance in a course suspended above water. But I see no significant similarities.

This obstacle has certainly NEVER been done before. EVER.

The important change is that Australian Spartan will be made up of teams, rather than individuals. Also in the crowd, they wear Spartan helmets. No ninja gear in sight.


It doesn’t surprise us that another network would try to imitate Ninja Warrior, considering the absolutely bananas rating the series drew last year. At its peak the show was watched by over 3 million Aussies. Obviously Channel Seven want a piece of the pie too.

Check out the trailer for yourself below:

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