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Bachy’s Abbie Has Broken Down On Instagram Over Still Being Portrayed As A Villain

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The Bachelor’s Abbie Chatfield has broken down on Instagram, saying she’s fed up with the mainstream media still portraying her as a villain.

The Instagram stories began with Abbie reposting an article from Nova, which referenced a conversation on Nat Bass and Matty J’s podcast about Abbie and The Bachelorette’s Nathan Favro seemingly flirting at a recent event, which Nat labelled “a cry for attention”.

the bachelor abbie

Abbie posted her response in the above comments and then a string of stories where she appeared to be in tears and shared how much she struggles with this kind of negative press.

“I’m so sick of people in the media literally just saying things because they think it goes along with the storyline that already exists,” she began.

“I feel like I’ve tried really hard since the show finished to show you guys who I really am and this thing just follows me around and all I get is negative media from mainstream outlets.

“I still get called the villain, I still get called all these things and I’m fucking over it. Like, I get treated like I’m a character and I’m not, I’m fucking struggling so much right now. I’m sorry this is fucking insane to post but — please stop writing about me.”

the bachelor abbie

She continued, “I go out and have a day out with my friends and I’m called ‘attention seeking’ because all anyone wants to think is that I’m an attention seeking bitch. I’m just fucking done with it.”

Referencing the Matty J and Nat Bass discussion, Abbie talked about the “snowball effect” these negative articles have, as they often lead to her being bombarded with more hurtful messages.

“It’s at a point where I can’t even like make new friendships or anything like that because I’m scared people hate me because of all the media about me,” she revealed.

Abbie ended the string of stories with the below image:

the bachelor abbie

Here at Punkee, we want to send all our love to Abbie. Since The Bachelor ended, Abbie used her platform to make her Instagram a haven for body positivity, self-love and embracing flaws.

We reckon she should be bloody proud of herself. WE STAN A QUEEN.