Everyone’s Scared Shitless By ‘It’ And Here Are The Internet’s Best Reactions

Who would have thought a remake about an evil clown could go on to smash almost every record imaginable within the horror genre? That’s what just went down on the opening weekend of It, which has become the biggest opening ever for a horror film.

The new movie, originally written in the 80’s by US author Stephen King, raked in a whopping $180 million dollars globally so far. It is set to become one of the most talked about horror films this decade. The creepy tale of the drain-stalking clown that hunts a group of kids is the talk of Twitter right now and most people are scared shitless. Their reactions are too good.

Even the NSW Police are jumping on the It bandwagon, labelling a couple of hoons as clowns for speeding and losing their licenses.

Twitter is absolutely losing its mind over the horror flick. From users grappling with coulrophobia (clown phobia) to just replaying that disturbing image of Pennywise leering up from a drain, grinning through his razor-sharp teeth.

It’s just a royally fucked-up watch, but it seems people can’t get enough.

Here’s the funniest reactions from Twitter users after seeing It: