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Justin Bieber Just Debuted A Giant Tattoo Across His Abs And The Beliebers Are Spewing

Justin Bieber just debuted some fresh new ink, and fans are not happy. Wtaf has he done?!

It’s not just any ol’ tramp stamp either, it’s a fuck-off huge piece across his entire torso. The Biebs took to Instagram to show off the massive tattoo artwork and fans didn’t respond too kindly.

While the guy has over 60 tatts already, his newest covers his entire stomach and appears to be a collection of spooky gargoyles and skeletons. Errr… at least it’s seasonal?

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His most recent post included a video showing some of the finer details. It’s just a helleva lot of ink, and fans are losing it that it covers his much-adored six pack.

Comments on his tatt include stuff like:

He hates himself,

 “Looks nice but missing your beautiful chest,”


“RIP ABs.”

Here’s the clip from his Instagram page:

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The piece covers up his eagle and ‘son of god‘ tattoos, which are still peeking beneath it.

The Beliebers on twitter are (of course) broadcasting all of their feelz:


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