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Rumours Are Ripe That Heartbroken Bachy Jarrod Is Heading To Paradise Too

Some good news for your Tuesday morning. This year’s bachy runner-up Jarrod Woodgate – you know the guy that had his heart smashed into a million jagged pieces on national TV – might be getting another chance at L.O.V.E.

Word on the street suggests Jarrod was spotted boarding a plane heading to Fiji – the location Bachelor In Paradise is reportedly being filmed. Fancy that.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Jarrod was seen flying off to Fijian city Nadi yesterday on a Virgin flight. The news site is reporting he flew from Melbourne to Brisbane first to keep BIP detectives off his scent. Those shifty bastards.

While it’s ace that Jarrod will get a shot at dating again so he can rebound from his lady love Sophie Monk, it’s going to feel like #PlantGate all over again. As we reported yesterday, his nemeses Blake Colman and Sam Cochrane are also rumoured to have touched down in Fiji.


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