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WATCH: This Utterly Cooked Interview Of Ben Affleck Ogling Interviewer Just Resurfaced

An absolutely unbelievable Ben Affleck interview has surfaced and it’s just uncomfortable to watch.

In a press interview from 2004, the actor appears to be severely inebriated when he pulls host Anne-Marie Losique on to his lap and proceeds to hit on her repeatedly, all while nuzzling his face into her chest. Let’s just say, it’s something we’d hope to never witness in 2017.

While he was supposed to be promoting his (v bad) film Jersey Girl at the time, he doesn’t mention the movie. He also doesn’t feel the urge to include in the back-and-fourth that he was dating Jennifer Lopez when this interview took place.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the grossest and most repulsive things Affleck says during the interview:

“You usually show a lot more cleavage than this. What’s the story? Why are you covering it up?”

“Get them titties out. Who you trying to fool?”

“At Fox [studios] in L.A they have a pole that they can dance on.” 

“Your breasts are very firm, suspiciously firm I have to say, like two giant stones.”

While impersonating a person with cerebral palsy, he says “don’t make me look like a retard”.

It’s a lot and enough to turn your stomach. The video been doing the rounds after Twitter account ‘Pop culture died in 2009’ shared the archived clip earlier today.

Check it out below, but get ready to cringe like it’s 2004: