brooke blurton darvid breakup bachelorette

Brooke Has Wiped Darvid From Her Instagram In The Latest ‘Bachelorette’ Breakup Update

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It’s the reality TV split none of us saw coming, and it looks like The Bachelorette’s Brooke Blurton and Darvid Garayeli’s breakup continues to get messier by the day.

On Sunday, Darvid confirmed that the couple had broken up via an Instagram Story, with Brooke eventually posting her own Story to reveal that Darvid’s announcement came as a surprise. Clearly, this wasn’t an amicable breakup, as neither party coordinated how they broke the news to the public, which is something Bachy fans have come to expect from previous winners who part ways.

Following Darvid’s blindside, Brooke has hit back by practically wiping Darvid from her Instagram. In the weeks following The Bachelorette finale, Brooke’s ‘Gram was littered with cute couple photos, but now it looks a lot different.

brooke blurton darvid breakup bachelorette

Boy, bye!

Brooke has kept a couple of Darvid photos from The Bachelorette finale and from when the two moved into their Melbourne home together. For Darvid’s part, he still has photos of Brooke up on his Instagram. He posted on Tuesday that he had returned home to Brisbane and was “putting on a brave face”.

Brooke and Darvid have also both unfollowed each other on Instagram.

The cause of the couple’s sudden split is still unknown. Darvid wrote in his breakup announcement that “Whilst we both genuinely thought we were each other’s person, things change and that’s okay. Please respect our privacy and that at the end of the day we are both just people with real feelings. Thank you so much for being considerate, alot[sic] of lessons learned.”

A few hours later, Brooke posted a follow-up Instagram Story describing Darvid’s post as “just as surprising to me as you guys,” adding, “It was definitely agreed to part ways, I just wanted to do it privately, amicably, and respectfully.”

We are sending all our love to both Brooke and Darvid at this difficult time.