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Sam From ‘MAFS’ Has Shared His Side Of The Story Over That Hectic Fight With Bryce

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It’s the reality TV feud that will never end, and now Sam Carraro has broken his silence over the fight that went down with Bryce Ruthven after a recent boxing match.

The former Married at First Sight grooms got into a heated exchange at a celebrity boxing event in Melbourne, which was captured by several onlookers. The feud kicked off after Sam competed against Love Island’s Todd Elton, and then began heckling Bryce who was sitting in the crowd with fiancé Melissa Rawson. “In the house with the big f**king nose! That would be Gonzo there would it?,” Sam shouted at Bryce after winning his fight.

Bryce then allegedly waved Sam over and they got into some type of fight with both parties having to be held back. It’s the type of brawl you’d see in high school, but this time it involved two men in their 30s. Are they OK??

Watch the drama go down below via Nick Furphy’s Instagram:

Following the fight, Bryce and Melissa uploaded a since-deleted video on Instagram to share what happened from their perspectives. Bryce noted that Sam was hurling insults and in response, Bryce called him a flog. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with calling him a flog, people around us were calling him much worse,” Bryce claimed. “He stood there, I went up to the rope, things happened. He then had a second bite and came underneath the rope when Liss stood up, basically put her in danger.”

Bryce went on to describe Sam’s behaviour as “disgusting” and alleged that Sam had “a closed fist around a woman,” referring to Melissa.

Sam has stayed largely silent on the matter, but he’s now given his side of the story on the latest episode of the So Dramatic! podcast. He expressed “mixed feelings” about what went down with Bryce, but ultimately thinks that Bryce provoked him by, err… coming to the boxing event in the first place. Sounds legit.

Sam Carraro addresses his fight with Bryce Ruthven in an interview on the So Dramatic! podcast.

On what caused the fight:

“I went in there and had a fight with Todd Elton in a boxing match that we had teed up for a long time. I’d heard rumours around there was going to be a MAFS table there, I didn’t really care who was on it. But then I rock up to the venue and get told Bryce is there — it didn’t really bother me, I couldn’t really care about him. But I knew what was going to come my way. I didn’t know it would come to the extent it did,” Sam said.

“When I was walking out, I could hear his table yelling and booing at me — there’s clear footage of that happening. They were saying ‘You’re a flog’… After I got the win, I called Bryce out to fight me, because I could hear him screaming and whatnot. It’s part of the theatre of fighting. That’s what you do. As I was walking back to the change rooms, he got very animated and called me over. I stopped. He lunged out of his chair, he got up in my face, and I pushed him away. Then he lunged at me and that got broken up.”

“I’m not going to say he threw a punch, but he definitely lunged at me… there’s video footage of what went down.”

On whether Melissa was injured by Sam during the fight:

“It’s typical of Bryce to say she got injured to cover his own behaviour,” Sam said. “No punches were thrown, no one got injured. Melissa’s trying to claim that she was, but we all no she didn’t — it’s just Bryce in her ear making her say that. There’s clear footage of her and she had the tiniest tumble, but that was from Bryce pushing her to get at me. I never got near her.”

He continued, “My intent was to go for Bryce, I have nothing against Melissa although I don’t respect her at all. I’ve never laid a hand on a female in my life and nor am I going to make my first time doing it when there’s a million cameras around. This is embarrassing. This is what Bryce does, he always tries to deflect,” he said.

“There’s not one case of me ever being aggressive towards women, while Bryce has one on national television [on MAFS] when he grabbed my good friend Beck Zemek by the arm and tried to forcefully kiss her. The footage that was shown was actually watered down a lot, it was much worse,” Sam claimed.

“Since coming off the show, I’m still very good friends with about 80% of the females that were on there: Bec, Alana, Booka, Samantha, Beth. They’re very good friends of mine. How many of the girls still talk to Bryce? None. None of them can stand him, or the guys — except num-nuts Jason.”

On whether he regrets his actions:

“I did go under the ropes and I regret my actions there, but there’s no apology to Melissa and Bryce. They were there when they shouldn’t have been there,” Sam said.

“If he didn’t want me to call him out, then: 1. Don’t be there. 2. Don’t be running your mouth… My friends told me that when I slipped over, all of his friends stood up clapping. They were there to see me get beaten and to celebrate my defeat. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the result they were after.”

On whether he thinks Bryce should have been at such an event:

“Why were you there? Obviously to see me, but you’ve just had two kids who were 10 weeks prematurely born, they were in the ICU, I believe. They are still in the Royal Children’s Hospital. They have kids in the hospital in critical care,” he said. “You’re going to a boxing match? Where people are fighting and things can go wrong? There’s also a massive pandemic going on, there’s COVID everywhere, and he’s gone to an unmasked event, where he’s then going to go back to see his newborn children who are struggling.”

“He keeps playing the card of the family man, why isn’t he with his family?” he said. “He’s just the worst and most embarrassing person to ever come off reality TV.”

Listen to Sam Carraro’s full interview on So Dramatic! here.

Header via Nick Furphy/Instagram.