ICYMI: Bryce & Sam From ‘MAFS’ Are Fighting Again, Yep Nature Is Healing

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This year has brought a lot of change. Several COVID variants started to spread with various levels of severity. Kim Kardashian traded in husband Kanye West for new boyfriend Pete Davidson. And perhaps most shockingly, McDonald’s stopped doing all day breakfast.

So we can offer a little comfort in reporting that some things have stayed exactly the same: a year on from Married at First Sight being filmed, the show’s men are still bickering like moody school children. I am, of course, talking about last season’s pettiest rivalry between Bryce Ruthven and Sam Carraro.

Over the weekend, a bunch of reality stars competed in and attended a boxing match in Melbourne. Sam fought against Love Island’s Todd Elton and ended up winning, before he started to heckle Bryce, who was sitting in the audience with fiancé Melissa Rawson. “In the house with the big f**king nose! That would be Gonzo there would it?,” Sam apparently said in the ring after winning the match.

This is the same insult that Sam hurled at Bryce on several occasions during MAFS. It’s just like old times! Anyways, after Sam stepped out of the ring, he and Bryce ended up in a confrontation, with Melissa and The Bachelorette’s Jamie Doran (???) having to break up the fight.

Watch the drama below, which was captured by previous MAFS contestant Nick Furphy:

How embarrassing! We hate to see it!

After clips of the argument spread online, Bryce and Melissa posted a since-deleted video on Instagram to address what transpired. “So you’ve probably all seen last night some videos of a boxing event here in Melbourne,” Bryce began. “So Sam has won his boxing fight, we were at the fight. He was saying all this stuff like f**king gonzo, f**king Bryce, p**sy, all this sort of stuff.”

Bryce continued, “I called him a flog. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with calling him a flog, people around us were calling him much worse,” he claimed. “He stood there, I went up to the rope, things happened. He then had a second bite and came underneath the rope when Liss stood up, basically put her in danger.”

Melissa clarified, “I put my hands up to prevent the situation from escalating and pushed Sam back.” Bryce said that Sam exhibited “disgusting behaviour” alleging that that he had “a closed fist around a woman”. Daily Mail have reported that Melissa was left injured from the fight.

Bryce went on to say that Sam was not just the instigator, but that while Sam “threw multiple punches” during the scuffle, Bryce himself  “never threw a punch”. It’s important to state that this is Bryce’s version of events.

bryce ruthven sam carraro married first sight

Bryce concluded the Instagram video by claiming that the whole beef was Sam’s attempt at a PR stunt. “He’s interested in creating this publicity, persona, that there’s some feud. I’ve got no interest in it. I don’t have anything to do with him literally outside of a TV show.”

The couple said they hope that people can “just move on”, since it’s now been a year since MAFS was filmed.

“We’re allowed to have a night out and go and celebrate Christmas like anyone else is doing for work parties or with their friends,” Bryce said. The drama comes as Bryce and Melissa recently welcomed twin sons, Levi and Tate.

Header via Nick Furphy/Instagram.