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A Huge ‘Game Of Thrones’ Storyline Was Cut From The Show & It Changes Everything

You’d think we’d all stop overanalysing the end of Game of Thrones by now but nope. Pettiness never sleeps.

While the series’ ending left us with more questions than answers, one of the major plotholes left wide open was when Cersei and Jaime died in King’s Landing and absolutely nothing was said about the unborn child Cersei was still assumedly carrying. It was odd enough that Cersei didn’t mention her pregnancy in Season 8 AND was spotted drinking wine.

After all of the mindless speculation during the season, it’s come as a massive shock to find out that Cersei was not pregnant in Season 8. Lena Headey revealed at Comic Con in Munich, Germany that a rather important scene was deleted from the previous season.

She told Game of Thrones fans:

“We shot a scene that never made it into Season 7 which was where I lose the baby. And it was really kind of traumatic and great moment for Cersei and it never made it in,” she said in a video post. “I really would have loved doing that because I thought it would have served her differently.”


This seems like a pretty bloody important update that should have been communicated to viewers, especially so when looking back at the scene in Season 8 when Euron spoke about impregnating Cersei.

At the time us fans laughed it off, thinking that Cersei was going to pass off Jaime’s baby as Euron’s. Classic. Such fun. But instead, it looks like she was legit going to mother a Greyjoy child. The horror.

This show will be the actual end of me.