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We Debunked What’s Fact VS. Fiction When It Comes To Instagram Teeth Whitening Hacks

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Sometimes it feels near impossible to log onto social media and not see the latest trends celebs, influencers and ex-reality stars are promoting. And one that’s extremely common is the good old teeth whitening product placement.

While some reality stars have started to open up about their journey with veneers or other cosmetic work, many stick to promoting things like HiSmile or other teeth-whitening products as credit for their TV-ready smile.

You know the ones, we’ve seen them all before:

We chatted to Clinical Educator & Dental Hygienist, Tabitha Acret to find out what works and what products to be wary of when it comes to teeth whitening.

Be careful with charcoal activated products:

“There is no scientific evidence to show that charcoal actually whitens teeth. We do know that some brands are quite abrasive and can damage the tooth surface. There have also been reported incidences where charcoal whitening products have stained teeth grey and have required professional help to remove the staining!”

Online whitening kits don’t contain the same ingredients as professional whitening kits/in-chair treatments from your dentist:

Tabitha explained that most store-bought or online kits don’t include peroxide which is the main ingredient professionals use when it comes to whitening teeth.

“Most of the store purchased whitening products contain sodium bicarbonate which works to remove extrinsic stains only so won’t actually whiten your teeth, it will just remove some stains and give you a short-term result,” Tabitha explained, while also warning that sodium bicarbonate can be “abrasive to the teeth if used too often”.

The lights in many online kits probably don’t do anything extra or special for your smile:

Considering our feeds are often full of celebs promoting those bright-blue rays for a super bright smile, Tabitha was also quick to debunk this method. “The fancy light you see in many of the products is for pure gimmick purposes only,” she said.

It’s definitely better just to save your $$ and use them wisely at the dentist instead when it comes to maintaining a super bright, white smile:

Apart from regular brushing and taking care of your teeth and gums, Tabitha pointed out that only a dental professional is licensed to sell whitening products with high enough levels of peroxide to whiten teeth.


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“Online products that say they contain peroxide will not contain levels strong enough to work or you are buying from an illegal seller and can risk chemical burns to your mouth from non-custom trays.”

But the important thing to remember is, you don’t have to have your teeth whitened to achieve stellar results:

“Sometimes when people present to the dental surgery for whitening its because they have extrinsic staining from foods and drinks and whitening isn’t actually needed,” Tabitha said. “A professional Airflow Dental Spa clean with warm water will remove the staining, keep your gums healthy and teeth looking brighter.”

Image result for troy teeth brushing married at first sight

And as it turns out the Airflow Dental Spa is a much better alternative to your regular teeth clean and the anxiety that comes with it (as I learned when I visited Macquarie Street Dental!) Anyone looking to experience the AIRFLOW Dental Spa can head to  www.airflowdentalspa.com.au to find their closest dental practice.

Don’t be fooled by what you see on social media or on TV/movies:

“When you see bright white Hollywood smiles they are very rarely from whitening and are usually the product of a Hollywood makeover where teeth have had veneers or crowns to cover the teeth. The best way to have a great smile is to have a healthy smile and having regular cleans will ensure pink and healthy gums and healthy teeth,” Tabitha said.

And while on the topic of wellness trends and fads – beware of lemon water when it comes to your teeth:

“Lemon water is great for our bodies but it’s acidic, and it strips our tooth enamel which is the hard layer of the tooth structure. This then leads to sensitive teeth and makes teeth more susceptible to decay,” Tabitha explained.

And steer clear of fluoride-free toothpaste. “To remove plaque we don’t actually need toothpaste we need mechanical disruption which is done through our toothbrush. The main use of toothpaste is fluoride release, so if you are picking a toothpaste without fluoride you are buying a gimmick.”