We Tried To Debunk The Latest Michael Turnbull Mystery & He Just Sent Us Photos Of Himself

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ICYMI The Bachelor’s Alex Nation has called out Bachelor In Paradise’s Michael Turnbull for approaching her to set up a faux date for a photo op. We checked in with Michael to get his side of the story and he…errr, just sent us a bunch of photos of himself.

Ummmm. Thanks?

Firstly, here’s what went down. An exchange of text messages featured in Woman’s Day appeared to show Michael trying to organise a paparazzi shot with Alex, suggesting they go out for coffee. It’d be easy to assume that perhaps he did this so they’d get photographed together and give the media a new spicy couple to obsess over.

Here’s the text exchange that was passed on to Woman’s Day:

Via Daily Mail


Via Daily Mail

The messages do seem to show only part of the exchange that went down so, naturally, we had questions.

When we contacted Michael to get his side of the story, he confirmed that the images planned were “Not pap picks but for a professional shoot,” where he was doing advertising for Vogue Dental, a cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne. He also told us he was simply wanting to “showcase his new smile”.

Michael didn’t answer most of our questions and instead attached some photos of himself.

Here are the images Michael sent us:

Check out dem pearly whites.

Keeping it casual.

Is this the same pic as above?? Oh no, slightly different. Nothing to see here.

(Uhh, where are his teeth in this next one?!?)

Well, I’m confident we got to the bottom of that. Thanks… I guess.

We also reached out to Alex for comment. She has not yet sent us pictures of her teeth.