Janey Bachelor in paradise

Why We Want Wholesome Janey Back On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Next Year

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We love the Bachy franchise for the drama. We’re only human. But something that’s been become more prominent in recent seasons is the overdramatic editing and obvious character tropes (hello all those playing the villain, we see you).

Still, we lap it up and always will. We watch the show as a form of escapism and the heightened drama adds to that. But sometimes it’s easy to forget the people we’re watching are real people, with real feelings, and that we can’t take all the show drama personally.

In a time long ago, in a faraway mansion, before everything was REALLY bad in the world, we were introduced to the quirky Janey Birks on Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor. We didn’t get to know her for long, but we did get to know more about her in the intro packages because back in the day, the show used to showcase more than just 2-3 girls who were obviously going to make it to the top four.

Janey, a children’s entertainer, was an immediate spark of joy, someone who was thrown into being the “eccentric” character but someone who still stayed true to herself.

janey bachelor in paradise

Plus, she’s the only woman who’s ever made the Bachelor get down on one knee in the very first episode.

She left early on, but came back for Bachelor In Paradise this year, sparking a whole lot of “wait, who?!” even from us. (If you want to relive her journey during Richie’s season, click here.)

We didn’t get to see much of Janey on BIP, but what we did see was a wholesome soul. She was rarely without a smile and when Cass shamed Jessica Brody for being a stripper, Janey complimented Jessica’s looks before yeeting out of the pool speedily to give Jessica a warm greeting to paradise.

So, basically, we think Janey was robbed and that she deserves to come back for another shot of love in the 2021 season of Bachelor In Paradise.

janey bachelor in paradise

We chatted to Janey about her time on the show, and here’s what she had to say.

On people not knowing who she was:

“I wasn’t expecting anyone to know who I was which was fine, most of them knew each other. No one had any clue! It made me wish I had blatantly lied and said I was the first-ever Bachelorette or something. Unfortunately, I got there and had to be like ‘Oh I did so bad SO long ago!'”

On her entrance in Richie’s season:

“I know people still want to give me grief about it, but I stand by that my entrance was maybe the best one that’s been on the [Australian franchise]. I know I executed it very badly, but I think it was a really good idea! Also, has anyone ever got the Bachelor down on one knee in the first episode? I did, thank you!”

On Cass’ remark when Jess Brody entered paradise:

“I’m so glad it came across [that I didn’t want to be part of that convo]. You never know what they’re going to show. Jess walked in, I was sitting with Cass, so I was like ‘fill me in before I introduce myself’ and I didn’t mean it in a malicious way. I don’t care what she does for a job! And all she [Cass] said was that she was a stripper. She came to the wrong place if she wants to slut-shame strippers, I love strippers! So immediately I went to go say hello, because I didn’t want to be in that conversation.”

janey cass bachelor in paradise

“I love Jess so much, she’s one of the loveliest people. It’s horrible to think anyone would want to make her feel bad about that. Everyone’s like frothin’ over Ciarran, it’s the same thing!”

On her connection with Timm and whether she had her eyes on anyone else:

“Timm and I did have a connection, but by the time it was evident he was choosing Britt, we only had hours before the rose ceremony. It was a bit tricky to be like ‘Oh hey, remember you and I were talking and we had fun?!’

“Ciarran was definitely a central character, but there was lots of beautiful people. I do hope we do get to see more of Glenn and Niranga. Especially Glenn, I love Glenn! If I could go back in time that’s one maybe that I’d try to pursue a bit more.”

On whether she’d come back to Paradise:

“I wish I lasted a bit longer, but at least now I could be on someone’s list next season? Maybe! That’s exciting that they may ask me to come back.”

We reckon they should. Janey for BIP 2021!