Punkee Investigates: Who Is Janey From ‘Bachelor In Paradise’?

The distraction we’ve all been begging for, Bachelor In Paradise, is finally starting next week. With 2020 being an absolute trash year, it couldn’t come at a better time.

We’ve predicted what could happen this season, we’ve finally figured out who Greg… sorry Glenn is, and we know there’s going to be a lot of juicy drama surrounding Ciarran. But there’s still one thing we need to solve before the season premiere: who the hell is Janey?

Janey bachelor in paradise

Sure, we were all surprised to see the return of Jake Ellis, but Janey also dates back to the 2016 Bachelor days – the days before hectic villain edits, mean girl drama, and stage-5 male clingers.

She was in Richie’s season of The Bachelor, and she made it to episode three and was eliminated alongside Tiffany Scanlon and Tolyna Baan the second week in.

But while Janey’s time on The Bachelor was short-lived, she did have quite a memorable entrance so we decided it was time to relive it:

Firstly, she did get her own entrance package, where we got to see the children’s entertainer dance down the street…

janey bachelor in paradise

…and order ice cream…

janey bachelor in paradise

She was so excited!

janey bachelpr in paradise

She also did some ballet.

janey bachelor in paradise

Janey described herself in her package as “passionate about myself, magic, sparkles, rainbows, swimming, mermaids, unicorns, fairies and fairytales.”

But it was her introduction to Richie that really stood out the most:

Upon meeting Richie and telling him he was handsome and that she’d like to date him, Janey also let us know to camera that Sam Frost was her new hero for letting Richie go, and if she got to kiss Richie, she’d buy Sam “two bottles of champagne and a jumping castle.”

janey bachelor in paradise

It was leaving Richie, where Janey discreetly slipped out of her shoe.

janey richie ther bachelor

“Have you seen this movie before Richie?” she asked him, fighting for her own fairytale moment as he was left holding her shoe.

Unfortunately, Janey had to spend some time at the cocktail party, hobbling around without a shoe.

janey the bachelor

Which also led to Keira giving her best impression.

keira janey the bachelor

Yet, Janey patiently waited, telling Faith she thought it was such a good idea… until she was left for a very long time shoe-less.

Towards the end of the episode, Prince Richie finally gave Janey her very own Cinderella moment and it was adorable.

richie janey the bachelor

Now as we know Janey didn’t get her love story with Richie but that’s not to say she won’t in Paradise!

We think Janey is a breath of fresh air and can’t wait to see what she brings to Paradise next week!

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Bachelor In Paradise premieres July 15.