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20 Hilarious Memes About Last Night’s ‘Love Island’ Casa Amor Recoupling

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At long last, the Australian series of Love Island finally understood the assignment. Casa Amor came, carnage was caused, and now the whole villa is in absolute disarray. It’s the best!

Fans of the UK season will know Casa Amor well: it’s the week where the villa splits and the boys and girls are separated, then a stream of new contestants are sent in to tempt the islanders into straying from who they’re coupled up with.

For some reason, our series has never done Casa Amor despite already airing two seasons. The closest thing we had was ‘The Bomb Squad’ on Season 2, where five women were sent in to see if the men’s heads turned. Meanwhile, the women didn’t get any fresh meat in a wildly sexist move by producers.

This made Casa Amor finally coming to the Aussie series all the sweeter — and it was a chaotic time! On last night’s episode, following the men and women canoodling with the newbies, they had to decide whether to “stick or twist”: to stay in their OG couple or recouple with someone new. This episode is notorious in the UK series, as being responsible for some of the most heartbreaking TV of all time.

Typically on the UK season, most of the men cheat on their partners so it was actually refreshing to see that last night most of the guys stayed loyal. Mitch and Tina, Aaron and Jess, and Chris and Zoe all had adorable reunions.

The only blokes to recouple were Taku (who was solo anyway after Emily’s departure) and Ryan, who was initially coupled up with Lexy. During Casa Amor, Ryan quickly forgot Lexy ever existed and pursued new girl Tayla, with photos of them kissing getting sent to Lexy. Ouch!

Luckily, Lexy recoupled with new guy Ben, along with Courtney who coupled up with Noah after seeing images of her partner Nic’s flirty antics in Casa Amor. In the biggest shock of the night, Nic returned to the villa alone which means he will be going home. Too bad, so sad!

The whole episode was a hot mess but the tweets were straight fire.

The best memes from last night’s Casa Amor recoupling on Love Island:





















Love Island airs Monday to Thursday on Channel 9 and 9Now.