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‘Love Island UK’ Viewers Are Calling Out The Boys For “Bullying” Tasha

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Love Island UK has been plunged into controversy over some of the actions of the villa’s male contestants.

The hit show has been hit with over 3000 complaints in the past week over behaviour exhibited by some of the boys that viewers have considered a form of “bullying” that was “misogynistic” in nature.

The criticism first stemmed from the show’s ill-fated movie night, where both the boys and girls were shown incriminating footage of what they had gotten up to behind their partner’s backs, especially during Casa Amor.

During the night, a clip was played of bombshell Billy flirting with Gemma — who in return didn’t really engage — yet it left her partner Luca “fuming”. In a reaction that’s baffled viewers, Luca laid the blame solely on 19-year-old, Gemma.

In a confrontation, Luca told Gemma that she was at fault for “entertaining” Billy’s advances, and the whole thing was textbook slut-shaming.

To Gemma’s credit (I bloody love her), she did not accept any responsibility for the fact that Billy had been flirting with her. Instead she told Luca, “I don’t think any lines have been crossed,” and when he wouldn’t let her speak, she swiftly told him to “shut the f**k up!”

Amen sis!

But Luca wasn’t done coming for women who don’t deserve his vitriol. He and Dami then turned their attention to Tasha, who had recently become official with her on/off Love Island partner, Andrew.

Over the course of multiple episodes, Luca and Dami continued to target Tasha in a series of games. When Luca was asked to give a piggyback to “the islander you think is most hanging onto the coattails of their partner,” he selected Tasha. In the same game, Dami said that he considered Tasha as “the biggest game player” in the villa.

Things got even nastier during a round of ‘Snogged, Married or Pied’ where the two boys both pied Tasha (and rather forcefully), then sledged insults at her. “I could give you a list as long as Adam [why he pied Tasha],” Luca said after smashing a pie in her face. After Dami pied Tasha, he snarked “The reason I decided to pie you is you usually get away with stuff, but this pie you weren’t going to get away with.”

Afterwards, Tasha was left in tears. “I expected [to be pied],” she told Paige, but added it was “the reasons,” that left her upset. “That was nasty.”

Tasha wasn’t alone in thinking the whole exchange crossed a line, as viewers have rallied around her and called out the boys for “bullying”.

Both men ended up apologising to Tasha, but only after seeing she was visibly distressed. Dami told Tasha, “I don’t want it to be like I’m ganging up on you. I actually want us to be friends.” Luca also expressed some regrets, telling her “I don’t want to be the guy who makes a girl cry because I’ve taken a challenge too far or what I said too far,” Luca said. “And I think maybe this time I have.”

However, this isn’t the first time that Luca’s harsh words have reduced Tasha to tears. After she got emotional when she was voted as one of the least popular islanders, he had a go at her for being upset. Luca reckoned that since Andrew and Tasha had become official that day, she shouldn’t, umm… be sad for a completely different issue.

Seriously, what the hell gives this man a right to police women’s emotions??

At this stage, some might be wondering what Tasha did to deserve all this? From the viewer’s perspective, we’d say: not much!

By comparison to Andrew, Tasha has been the far more respectful partner. Throughout Casa Amor, Tasha kissed Billy once while Andrew was making out with Coco all over the villa and the short-lived couple even got sexual.

There is simply no justification for how savagely Luca and Dami have come for this poor girl.

Fans are ready for the show’s annual tweet challenge so that the boys can see what viewers truly think of them.

In the same week, Billy led on Danica and spread intimate details about their sex life, before gaslighting her for calling him out for his toxic behaviour. Meanwhile, Davide called out Ekin-Su as a “liar” during movie night, despite the fact he kissed two women in Casa Amor.

The only man in the villa who has held any of the fellas accountable has been Andrew. Is Andrew the only decent bloke left in the villa? How did we get here?

Love Island fans have even joked about voting for Tasha and Andrew — a couple regularly voted the least popular — just to get back at Luca and Dami.

One thing we can be grateful for is the women in the villa, who continue to show empathy, kindness and maturity despite all the toxicity levelled at them.

Ladies, the boys do not deserve you.

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