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‘MasterChef’ Viewers Are Calling Out A Double Standard On Last Night’s Episode

MasterChef viewers are calling out judge Jock Zonfrillo for pigeonholing Brendan for only making dumplings, when all season Laura has mostly made only pasta without any criticism from the judges.

The comment came about during last night’s pressure test, which saw the failed savoury team from Monday night’s challenge have to recreate a technical dish by guest chef Peter Gunn, called The Black Box.

After Brendan plated up for the judges, Jock joked that he was surprised Brendan’s dish was so good, telling the other judges, “He is not a dessert guy, he’s a dumpling guy.” This throwaway comment caused an absolute shitstorm on Twitter.

Viewers called out Jock’s comment for displaying a double standard with his attitude towards Brendan compared to Laura:

During his time on MasterChef, Brendan has cooked dumplings a few times, but he’s also made noodles, rice paper rolls and beef pies. While Laura has cooked pasta for basically every challenge when she wasn’t restricted by ingredients. This is something that has infuriated viewers in recent weeks, but largely gone unacknowledged by the judges, despite the fact they often criticise other contestants for playing it safe.

Jock’s comment seems innocent enough, but the extreme reaction is a reflection of viewers’ increasing annoyance over Laura’s place in the competition, and the lack of variation in her cooking continuously being overlooked.

Also Jock, Brendan is so much more than a ‘dumpling guy’.