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Meet The First Batch Of ‘The Bachelor’ Ladies Vying For Matt’s Heart

With The Bachelor only weeks away, we’re finally meeting the first batch of contestants who will be duelling it out for Matt’s heart.

Recently we met Abbie and over the weekend a new promo dropped introducing us to three more ladies. My body has seriously never been more ready for a series to start.

Check out the latest promo for The Bachelor:

The new trailer pretty much proves what we already knew. Matt is some kind of perfect angel. How on earth can he speak so many languages so damn eloquently?! It’s a mystery. I can barely speak English.

Here’s a look at the first group of women vying for Matt’s heart.

Abbie, 23, QLD

We already know ‘I’m A Gemini’ Abbie. It’s impossible to forget that hilariously awkward moment which has since gone viral.

Helena, 25, WA

Sogand, 30, NSW

Kristen, 24, QLD

While we haven’t been given a starting date for the new series as yet, our fingers are crossed that the season will drop later this month.