Bachy Fans Across The Globe Are Losing It Over Our Awkward ‘The Bachelor’ Promo

We’re still a few weeks away from The Bachelor returning, with astrophysicist Matt Agnew suiting up to break hearts, but we’re already obsessed with contestant Abbie.

ICYMI, in the latest promo we are introduced to Abbie, who asks Matt “What do you do?” and he replies “I’m an astrophysicist.” Here is where things get interesting as Abbie responds with a perplexing statement, telling Matt: “I’m a Gemini.” Lol. It’s still very funny.

It is just a classic mix-up that is perfect for these kinds of promos. But the awkward Bachy banter has since gone global after the clip was tweeted by @giaonfilm and captioned with “I’m watching the promos for the Australian Bachelor and…no words.”

The tweet soon went viral, with over 90k retweets and has been liked over 300k times.

The overall reactions to the viral tweet are perfection.

People are, of course, taking the absolute piss.

While others are praising Matt for handling it like a champ.

This has actually made the news in the UK, calling it the “cringiest moment ever” in Bachy history.

What even is happening?!

the bachelor australia astrophysicist

It looks like this promo has, at the very least, recruited a few more international The Bachelor Australia fans.

My body has never been more ready for The Bachelor to return.