the block australia 2023 leah ash builder rain exposed video channel 9

Leah And Ash From ‘The Block’ Have Been Exposed By Channel 9 Footage

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It looks like The Block’s Leah and Ash have found themselves surrounded by drama once again. 

The pair, who have already been involved in some catfights and dubbed “mean girls” by fans on social media, berated their building crew after their property was damaged by heavy rain on Monday’s episode. 

Although the couple believes their builders, Simmo and Aidan, should be held responsible for the mishap – footage shared by Channel 9 has exposed their own part in ‘rain-gate’. 

the block australia 2023 leah ash builder rain exposed video channel 9

The Block’s Leah and Ash argue with their builders. Photo credit: Channel 9, The Block

Let me catch you up: Leah and Ash took their builders aside to blame them for the whole situ. “What happened on Saturday night was avoidable, and it’s been a misstep,” Leah said, before Simmo retorted with, “That’s your opinion. We had 10% of Melbourne’s rain in 24 hours.”

Here’s where it gets messy. Ash then chimed in, saying, “[But] we knew it was coming.” 

Now I just know producers had a field day with what happened next, because of course, we got to see a flashback from the previous week. And yep, Ash made some ~interesting~ comments, essentially bragging about how rain didn’t faze him. That didn’t age well. 

“People are saying, ‘Oh it’s raining.’ And they’re like, ‘It’s 10ml’. I’m like, that’s nothing… should be right. I’m just at the point where if water comes in my roof, I don’t care,” he told producers. 


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I might have been more forgiving towards Leah and Ash *if* they didn’t then go nuclear on their builders. To borrow a quote from MAFS’ Olivia Frazer, as far as empathy goes… I just don’t have it, because this is what happened next. 

“You guys are not keeping things safe. You’re not up to scratch with safety,” Leah shouted. “You haven’t put your life on the line here. You haven’t left your family. I’m here to do a job, I’ve signed a contract to be a contestant and I will deliver a room every single Sunday.”

the block australia 2023 leah ash builder rain exposed video channel 9

The Block’s Leah and Ash got heated. Photo credit: Channel 9, The Block

Ash agreed, saying, “Everyone’s going, ‘I want to know how you [deal with rain] in Queensland. We f**king do it properly.”

Simmo, who has 1000% more chill than me, diffused the situation by telling the pair his crew would be working as hard as they could to keep the room “as dry as possible”. 

“It’s really unfortunate what happened last week with your room and I’m sorry for that. We don’t want that to happen,” Simmo added. 

The couple patched things up with their builders at the end of the episode, with Ash attempting to “bury the hatchet” by gifting Simmo and Aidan a bottle of scotch. “I hate grudges… let’s build a house together,” he said. 

Fans react to Leah and Ash’s behaviour on The Block.

It turns out that I wasn’t the only one miffed by Leah and Ash’s spat with their builders, and a quick look at Twitter (or X? I’m confused) shows how their behaviour rubbed fans the wrong way. 

Image credits: Channel 9, The Block