the block cheat cheating scandal steph gian leah kirsty rules broken 2023 nick dad

It’s Only Week One But We’ve Got Our First Cheating Scandal On ‘The Block’

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This year’s season of The Block has only just started, but there’s already a cheating scandal unfolding. It involves Gian, Steph (of ‘I’m an architect’ fame) and Steph’s dad, Nick. 

The couple hasn’t been doing well so far, completely bombing during the house decider challenge last week, and Steph has been labelled as a “snake” by fellow contestant Leah after a few petty arguments. 

the block cheat cheating scandal steph gian leah kirsty rules broken 2023

Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

Steph and Gian have reached breaking points multiple times this week, but their spirits were raised when Steph’s dad, Nick, came to visit. Nick is ~conveniently~ a qualified builder, and he got stuck in to help the couple finish their bathroom. 

“It’s like the gods were aligned this week for my dad to be in town,” Steph told a producer. “This was a really hard week, and having someone that you trust there, that’s qualified also… he was just the perfect person.”

Here’s where it gets messy: if Steph and Gian didn’t pay Nick for his services, and treat him like any other tradie working on site, it’s against the rules. The other couples are well aware of this, and it’s ruffled a few feathers. 

Leah (Steph’s mortal enemy) and Ash believe that if Nick didn’t get inducted the day before, and isn’t being paid for his labour, then it’s sus. 

the block cheat cheating scandal steph gian leah kirsty rules broken 2023

Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

Kristy, who seems to be BFF with Leah, wasn’t pleased when she found out Steph went to bed while her dad continued working. “What set me off was the commentary, ‘Steph has had a big day so we’ve popped her to bed’,” Kristy told producers. 

Eliza agreed, saying if that’s true, it’s “cheating”. It’s unclear what will happen to the couple if they’ve broken the rules, but there’s a chance Steph and Gian could be disqualified for the next room reveal. 

In the end, while Steph’s dad helped the pair finish their bathroom on time, they still finished dead last with a score of 20.5 out of 30. Kyle and Leslie took home the top prize after the judges scored them 25 out of 30. 

the block cheat cheating scandal steph gian leah kirsty rules broken 2023 nick dad

Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

How have fans reacted to The Block’s cheating scandal? 

Many Blockheads have questioned if Steph’s dad helping to finish their room is fair. On Facebook, one wrote: “Why did dad helping out not get raised? Maybe waiting to see if they pay him when end-of-week invoices are all submitted… maybe it’s why they have a corporate meeting.”

“They should either be disqualified or have a considerable budget reduction for breaching the safety rules,” another said. 

“Oh dear, the first cheating scandal on The Block,” a third commented. 


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However, some fans have been sympathetic to Steph’s rough start to The Block, with one even suggesting production stepped in by bringing her dad on site. 

“I think Steph was about to have a breakdown. Dad may have been called in to save her wellbeing/marriage… but he shouldn’t be working without [the] induction process.”

“Funny that the mean girls bitching about Steph’s dad helping are the ones who have qualified tradies as husbands. Ash is a builder and Brett is a tiler – how is that fair on the other teams?” another pointed out. 

“If I am upset I’d call my Dad too. And my dad would try his best to help no matter what. No matter WHAT,” a third wrote. 

From Channel 9’s upcoming promos, it looks like Steph’s dad helping out will be discussed in a body corporate meeting this week. It seems like the couple could get in trouble as their dad potentially used power tools past midnight, so it’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds. 

Image credits: Channel 9, The Block