The Block 2023 winners house 3 kristy brett adrian portelli mr lambo leaked

Uh Oh, The Winner Of ‘The Block’ Has Been Leaked

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The Block auctions are just around the corner and I’m low-key glad that the season is almost over. It’s been full of drama, fights and scandals, instead of you know, renovating a house.

If you’ve been turned off by Kristy and Brett’s actions on the show (like me), I’ve got some bad news for you. Apparently, insiders have touted House 3 as the one to make the most money at auction, meaning they’ll walk away with an additional $100,000. 

“Insiders are tipping House 3 will make the most money and that is not going to go down well with viewers who have savaged Kristy and Brett’s behaviour throughout the series,” the source told Yahoo Lifestyle.  

The Block 2023 winners house 3 kristy brett adrian portelli mr lambo

Viewers haven’t been pleased with Kristy and Brett’s behaviour. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

The publication also claims that producers are in crisis mode, seeing as there’s a clear division between the teams. Apparently, producers are “preparing for everything and anything to happen at the auctions, including walk-offs and heated exchanges”. Yikes, it’s gonna be messy. 

Why are producers planning on keeping The Block contestants separated during the auction?

Kristy and Brett are enemy number one, but Leah and Ash’s behaviour on the show has also left a bad taste in viewers’ mouths. It appears that the cast holds the same sentiments, with a source sharing some intriguing insight.

“Eliza and Liberty have had enough of Kristy and Brett’s pot stirring and the way the show ends. Leah and Ash were already off the girls’ Christmas card list. So there is still existing tension between those houses,” the insider spilled.

The Block 2023 winners house 3 kristy brett adrian portelli mr lambo

Tensions are high amongst The Block 2023 cast. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

Another major clue House 3 will win The Block 2023.

Adrian Portelli, known as “Mr Lambo”, bid against famed The Block bidder Danny Wallis for Omar and Oz’s property last year, driving the price up to over $5.6 million. 

During the Domain house ranking challenge this year, Adrian was impressed with the size of House 3’s garage. Scott Cam announced that Adrian chose House 3 as his favourite, so does that mean he’s planning on bidding big for Kristy and Brett? 

The Block 2023 winners house 3 kristy brett adrian portelli mr lambo

Adrian Portelli voted for House 3 to win the Domain challenge. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

His personal taste wasn’t reflected by the masses, with only 11 people voting for Kristy and Brett, compared to 36 votes for Steph and Gian.

He shared a selection of photos from his appearance on Instagram and his caption makes it seem like his vote could have just been a joke. “To shit-stir or not to shit-stir on this season of The Block,” he wrote. 

I’m just hoping that everybody walks away with a decent chunk of profit, especially after last year’s auction disaster.

Image credits: Channel 9, The Block