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Bachy Detectives Have Already Worked Out The Identity Of Next Week’s “Intruder”

At the end of last night’s ep of The Bachelor, viewers were teased with a sneak peek of next week’s drama and it featured talk of an intruder entering the house.

We were shown a mysterious blonde woman who was presumably going to stir up more tension in the house. But viewers were quick to notice that this wasn’t some random lass – it’s Matty J’s sister Kate. The same sister that viewers found particularly confrontational during her meetings with Georgia Love.

Twitter users were quick to celebrate the intro of Matty’s siss to the show. Especially as we can expect her to probz call out the likes of bachy bullies Leah and Jen on all their BS.

We ain’t playin’ Channel Ten. If you’re going to attempt to fool bachy viewers, you best not miss.

This is the second week The Bachelor promos have tried to spin dodgy stories. This week, the dating show attempted to create a cliffhanger moment with Matty appearing to put a rose back, as ep 5 of the series ended with a ominous ‘To be continued‘.

This was total BS, as Punkee reported the scene of Matty putting a rose back was actually reversed footage of our bachy picking up a rose. Also, the big twist was essentially Matty choosing to send someone home – as he does every other episode.

You can’t trick the very people that live and breathe this show, folks.

Not today, bachy overlords. Not today.