Time to get sushi going to the store CGI

The Floppy CGI Humanoid Star Of “Going To The Store” Is Back In A New Short Film

Remember back in 2011 when everybody went goo-goo for the floppy CGI humanoid starring in the viral Youtube vid going to the store? Well our fave floppy man is back and he’s got a mob taking over Japan in a 5 minute video titled ‘time for sushi’.

Going to the store was a masterpiece of 3D animated weirdness and it stole our hearts. The genius behind the ‘unique’ short film was David Lewandowski, an LA-based filmmaker who was a pioneer of the growing CGI humourist community. He captioned going to the store simply “normal guy normal walk.” and let the ridiculousness speak for itself.

 Two years later, he gave us ‘late for a meeting’ which has now racked up more than 31 million views because it is quality content that we are here for.

And just last week, after a three-year hiatus, David Lewandowski has dropped ‘time for sushi’ with no warning. He’s calling the humanoid vids “a series of short films inspired by an obsessive passion for nonsense” and this one is the most magnificent production yet.

Our contorted friend visits Japan and is joined by thousands of floppy humanoid mates taking over the country from the streets to the sky. Also, he has a girlfriend. Stoked to see floppy man back and doing so well. Check out the the full ‘time for sushi’ video in all it’s glory:

Lewandowski has used the film release to launch goingtothe.store, where you can support his independent work by purchasing some merch. The items on sale range from bits and pieces like books and pillows, to a $90,000 chess set made from:

ethically sourced arctic mammoth ivory and rare meteorite alloy.

Not sure if srs but keen to see more of floppy man and his future adventures.