the bachelorette elly so dramatic

Some Extremely Baffling Info Has Come To Light About Elly’s Time On ‘The Bachelor’

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As we enter the second week of The Bachelorette, some rather surprising information has come to light about Elly Miles’ appearance on last year’s season of The Bachelor. And it’s kinda dark.

As always, the So Dramatic! podcast has come through with the goods and on the latest episode 2019 Bachy contestant Rachael Arahill shared some very interesting things she heard about Elly while living in the mansion together.

“I heard some crazy rumours about Elly on her season of The Bachelor, can you confirm or deny,” host Megan Pustetto began. “I heard that when she was going on The Bachelor, they made her cull her social media, like wipe her social media clean, because she had all these photos of her going shooting and hunting like wild animals and holding dead animals.”

Rachael replied, “That’s definitely true…the girls in the mansion definitely told me that one.”


This paints a very different picture to the sweet, wholesome image we saw of Elly last year. Rachael wasn’t done spilling tea, sharing a story about something Elly told her that is just so wild, I can’t even deal. She recalled Elly telling her what she planned on doing in her introduction to Matt Agnew on the premiere episode.

“She was like, ‘I really like shooting in my hometown Parkes, I go shooting all the time, like [shooting] animals, so I want to get a fake gun, like a $2 plastic gun’, and she was going to shoot it and then go ‘I’m here to take a shot at the love!’

“But then [later on] the producers were like, ‘no babe, stay in your lane, you’re obviously the sweet, country girl… you’re not shooting a gun.’,” Rachael said. “Producers were like ‘no, you can’t do that but we’ll set up a campfire and you can roast marshmallows with him.’ She was angry about it.”


the bachelorette elly so dramatic

As we all know, Elly was the standout of last year’s premiere night when she shared a wholesome moment with Matt, whisking him away to toast a marshmallow by the fire.

Elly SHOOTING the Bachelor would have projected a vastly different image to that. We’ve contacted Channel 10 regarding Rachael and Megan’s claims.

Listen to the full episode of So Dramatic! here.