We Need To Talk About The ‘Home & Away’ Twins With A Telepathic Connection Who Weren’t Actually Related

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Home and Away has provided us with many wild moments over the years, but we’re not here to talk about the fact Alf somehow looks the same age in every single season, which is no easy feat 30 years on.

We’re here to talk about the Sutherland family who lived in Summer Bay in the ’00s and featured in many dramatic, crazy, and downright weird storylines during their time on the show.

Of course, one of the most notable Sutherlands was Dani who was played by Tammin Sursok. I still remember the time the show teased her first single, playing ‘Pointless Relationship’ after an episode as Tammin made her way from primetime TV character to pop star. What a banger.

But I’m here to talk about Dani Sutherland’s two younger siblings who were twins. Kirsty and Jade Sutherland were fraternal twins, and they had a strong bond (as twins tend to do) but this was made particularly obvious during a traumatic landslide in the Bay.

During this time the twins, who were separated, were able to talk to each other telepathically and get out of the mineshaft they were trapped in thanks to their psychic abilities to communicate with one another!

“OK, so what?” I hear you say. “They’re twins that communicated telepathically, heaps of shows have run with that storyline.”

That’s all fair and good, but the real plot twist was a couple of years later it was revealed that Jade and Kirsty WEREN’T ACTUALLY TWINS AT ALL. NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT RELATED.

(Sorry about the subtitles and old quality but I think they really add to the scene.)

For some reason, the hospital where the twins were born made a huge error and accidentally swapped Jade over with another newborn and Kirsty’s real twin, who is actually her identical twin, is named Laura.

It was a very confusing time for the Sutherland family.

kirsty jade sutherland home and away

And while they shed some tears, had some heart to hearts, and ultimately moved on and integrated their families, no one asked the most important question.


Colleen Smart - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Why didn’t anyone think about this in the writers’ room?! Did they think we’d all forget?

I will never forget Home and Away. That’s a promise.