Boiled eggBoiled egg

WARNING: Here’s Why You Never, Ever Microwave A Cold Hard-Boiled Egg

Did you hard-boil an egg this morning and forget to gulp it down for breakfast? Hot-tip: Don’t reheat it.

If you value your personal safety, eat ya cold boiled eggs in their current cool state. The risk of re-heating it just isn’t worth it. Not because of any food poisoning risks but because that damn thing is a ticking time-bomb that’ll blow your head off.

Don’t believe us? This archived video dug up by The New York Times this week serves as a warning. The clip from a few years back shows first hand what happens when you ‘nuke’ a boiled egg. Yes, it looks likes like a funny home experiment, but you won’t be laughing if one of these egg-grenades goes off in your mouth. Check out the video below:

Feature image via Today.

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