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Tonight’s Semi-Final Of ‘The Bachelor’ Retold Through Its Funniest Tweets

Well, tonight’s episode of The Bachelor was unexpected. We had all thought (but mostly desperately and blindly hoped) that the final two was going to be Laura and Tara, but NOPE. The worst thing happened, and Australia is still reeling.

The ep followed Matty J as he took his three final girls on solo dates before meeting his bachy parents.

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However, the dates were all pretty boring, except for Matty debuting his newfound artistic abilities when giving Laura an artists impression of what would happen if Georgia Love and Lana Del Ray had a baby.

With the rose ceremony ending with Tara leaving roseless, all that’s left to do is laugh through the excruciating pain. That’s where Twitter comes in handy. The live-tweets tonight were especially hilarious and helped ease our crippled souls as we watched on as Tara was robbed of her bachy title.

Ep 15 of The Bachelor retold through its funniest tweets:

Matty’s solo date with Laura started in a tiny car and ended paragliding to their deaths.

Then Matty gave Laura a drawing that he claimed to have sketched. No one believed him.

Matty was also weirdly surprised Laura was into him.

Has he been watching?

Elise’s solo date started with a train trip and ended up being, well… pretty boring.

Matty’s date with Tara was perfect/ wonderful/ magical/ great/ beautiful/ the best/ actual true love in motion.

The rose ceremony came along, and we thought surely our gurl Tara was safe…

How very dare you?! It happened.

Matty went ahead and broke precious Tarzy’s heart.