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Oh My God: The ‘Big Brother’ Line-Up Just Dropped & My Body Ain’t Ready

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Dear OG fans of Big Brother, our time is now.

For those who watched Big Brother since day one back when it premiered in 2001, you will know that the rebooted series has a completely different vibe. While the BB of the noughties was driven by personalities, Big Brother 2.0 is all about strategy and gameplay.

But now the old and new will collide as this year’s Big Brother will bring back some of the most iconic contestants, who will compete against brand new housemates.

And oh boy when we say iconic, we mean ICONIC.

Here are the returning housemates to feature in this year’s season: winners Reggie Bird, Tim Dormer, and Trevor Butler, along with series faves Layla Subritzky, Estelle Landy and (Farmer) David Graham. But wait there’s more! In a stroke of casting genius, the show’s most controversial couple Tully Smyth and Anthony Drew will reunite.


Tully and Drew’s love story has become ingrained in the collective consciousness of many Aussies growing up. Tully entered the 2013 season already dating someone else (her loving partner Tahlia Farrant) but once Drew arrived it was game over, with the two housemates starting a rather sordid affair, culminating in Tahlia dumping Tully over Twitter.

After being evicted, Tully returned to the house to tell Drew “I’m single,” in one of the loosest moments in Big Brother history. The couple did not date for long before splitting up, with their return to the reality show set to be the first time they’ve appeared together on TV since their controversial debut.

Aside from Tully and Drew’s notoriety, fans will remember Reggie for her loveably frank personality, Tim for being pure chaos, and David for coming out as gay on national TV back in 2006. Absolute legends of the game.

WE CAN’T WAIT!! Along with the line-up announcement, a trailer has dropped which teases some of the action to expect. A special shoutout to the quick shot of Drew kissing some random person, a person who is not Tully. We’re already hooked.

Check out the Big Brother trailer below and try not to scream (I failed):

Big Brother is expected to kick off in the coming weeks on Channel 7 and 7plus.