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‘Big Brother’ Viewers Are Calling Out Dan & Mat For “Bullying” Kieran

Big Brother housemates have been accused of bullying by viewers for the second time this season, after Dan and Mat were shown playing a cruel trick on Kieran during last night’s episode.

Last time it was Dan and Xavier targeting Casey, while this time Dan was back at it but enlisting fellow ‘alpha’ housemate Mat. In a challenge where housemates could give each other rewards or punishments, Kieran ended up being stuck washing the dishes. This would be punishment enough, but Dan and Mat took it upon themselves to use food from the kitchen to dirty all the dishes.

While the whole sequence was edited like it was a big joke, a lot of viewers didn’t see it that way.

This isn’t the first time Kieran has been targeted by other housemates. In the first few episodes of the series, he was made to apologise to everyone because umm, he spoke about strategy when he was up for eviction. Which errr, didn’t make sense as this is Big Brother after all.

The poor guy has been continuously nominated on the show, even our queen Angela had to step in to defend him on one episode. After weeks of teasing and schoolyard behaviour, viewers said last night’s episode crossed a line and the way Dan and Mat treated Kieran was not OK.

Following last night’s events, Kieran was evicted but his fellow housemates don’t know that he was actually saved by Big Brother and sent into the white room. If Kieran returns to the house, hopefully everyone is welcoming because watching any more of this bullying BS will not be fun.

Big Brother returns tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 7.