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Viewers Are Stanning ‘Big Brother’ Housemate Angela

Big Brother is back with a vengeance, with the first episode proving to be ratings winner as viewers were introduced to a quirky cast of housemates.

But there’s one housemate who has dominated conversations on Twitter and that’s Angela: the unofficial queen of the Big Brother house.

People took notice of Angela from the beginning, when she somehow got Sonia Kruger to wheel her own suitcase into the house. Boss move.

Angela immediately had issue with the fact that she couldn’t find any tea in the kitchen, soon learning they had to earn it as a reward. She was ropable. Then Angela and Big Brother got into their first argument over ownership of the house and we all respected her level of sass.

As Angela struggled to compete in the first challenge, I knew I had found a kindred spirit.

Even when Angela isn’t doing anything at all, she is an intensely watchable housemate.

While Angela can always be trusted to be entertaining, on last night’s episode she showed she has a massive heart as well. In the eviction room, when Kieran thought his fate was sealed and he was about to be voted out, Angela came to his defence.

She tearfully told the rest of the housemates that Kieran deserved to be given another chance, and they must have listened because in the end it was Allan who was evicted by an absolute landslide.

It’s clear that a fan fave has emerged and that we all can’t get enough of this tea-drinking, no-fucks-giving queen.

Big Brother viewers are stanning Big Brother housemate, Angela:

We love Angela. Do not evict her please.