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‘Big Brother’ Viewers Are Calling Out Daniel & Xavier For “Bullying” Casey Last Night

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The Big Brother house is already a much sadder place following the eviction of Angela, and on last night’s episode things turned ugly after Daniel and Xavier tried to influence Casey’s vote.

Shit hit the fan after Casey approached Kieran, saying that she was told by the ‘alpha’ group — Daniel, Xavier and Mat — that he was gunning for her to be evicted next. This annoyed the boys who said that Casey had broken their trust, leading to Xavier giving her a stern talking to. It was the kind of patronising chat that a dad has with his daughter after she crashes her Ford Festiva for the third time in a month. That electrical pole came out of nowhere, Dad!

Anyways, later in the episode Hannah and Sophie were put up for nomination. Daniel and Xavier pulled Casey aside to pretty much tell her who she would be voting for (Hannah) and later in the episode Xavier said she should feel lucky that she wasn’t nominated.

Casey wasn’t impressed with the thinly veiled threat. “After me trying to stand up for myself this morning, being pulled aside by the boys and having a vote shoved down my throat is just such a kick to the teeth. It feels like a dictatorship,” Casey said in the diary room following the tense exchange.

It was extremely uncomfortable to watch.

I don’t know about you, but I’m very much over this dominant group calling all the shots in the house. Where is Queen Angela when we need her?!

Viewers were not here for it and immediately called out Daniel and Xavier’s actions as bullying:

Maybe Xavier should revert back to never speaking. It might have been for the best.

Big Brother returns Sunday night at 7pm on Channel 7.