Photoshopping The ‘Connect Four’ Cover Is The Dank Meme We Can’t Get Enough Of

Remember the classic game of connect four? Dropping those round lil’ disks to try and outsmart your opponent?

Well, thanks to the Internet, our favourite disk-y board game is quickly becoming one of the memes of January 2018!

The game was created in 1974 and featured an iconic front cover featuring two kids playing the game and looking a little too over-enthusiastic.

Back in 2007, the internet decided (for some unknown reason) that photoshopping the meme would be a fun idea cuz #nostalgia. But those were the early days of the interwebs, a time before the meme-boom.  Now in 2018, the MemeEconomy Reddit page has officially revived the madness after a collage was shared, gaining over 800 upvotes. It’s back and bigger than ever.

Maybe it’s the innocence of the cover that people wanted to mess with? maybe people just love the game? Who knows – but we’re 100% here to watch this shit unfold…

Here’s the original image below

Many fun, so colour, very innocence!

And… here are a few other…more ‘creative’ versions of the game…

Looks like the tables have turned

Everyone wins!


I hate it when this happens

Just a great quick game for the family

Simple and to the point…. P.S (What is wrong with their mouths???)

What the fork…

Actually applies to me

Single and ready to mingle

None-In-A-Row! Such a classic move!

Great for the kitchen

Everyone’s favourite pepperoni

The meme mashup #memeception


Images sourced via Reddit MemeEconomy

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