Everyone’s Speculating Over Kylie Jenner’s Baby’s Name And The Tweets Are Hilarious

The ‘Kylie Jenner pregnancy saga’ has fans pretty damn exhausted.

We finally got the Kylie Jenner baby announcement that we’ve been waiting for for months, along with a nearly 12 minute long video chronicling Kylie’s entire journey (which is SO damn beautiful). All this said, what we still do not have is a name.

We are, of course, all very grateful for the generous look into Kylie’s journey through the adorable vid but god damn we neED TO kNoW A NAmE!???!?!!??

The internet is going considerably wild in the wake of the baby announcement.

People are demanding answers

You can taste the desperation

People are tired. And they are frustrated.

How can they be so cruel??


If you won’t tell us, we will work our magic…

Let the theories begin

Butterfly-related speculations are gaining traction

The video showed Kylie with a butterfly necklace, the baby’s room is decorated with butterflies, Travis and Kylie have matching butterfly tattoos…just sayin’.

Aaaaand someone is playing with us??

Twitter has suggestions too

And they’re good ones

Let’s hope it’s something at least semi name-like

Praying for Kitt Lip Jenner tho

Hit us up ASAP Kylie…plz…we are ready when you are.

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