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WATCH: MAFS’ Davina Has Finally Broken Her Silence On Social Media

After staying silent on social media for the entire season of Married at First Sight, series villain Davina has finally broken her silence through a new video blog.

While the social media kween has over 300k followers on Instagram, she posted the video to her new YouTube channel to explain her side of the story. Following her absence from the public eye this past month, she said:

“This has actually been really hard for me to talk about, so I figured my best option was to just switch off and disconnect from a world that I’m usually very connected to”

Davina has received a fair heap of abuse online after she initiated a romance with Dean on the reality series. This was essentially fucking over her TV hubby Ryan and Dean’s partner Tracey. In the clip, she admits it all got too much for her.

“Copping a really large amount of hate is something I’m really not used to and to be honest it really shook me. So yeah that’s why I’ve been distant and silent,” she said, adding,”I know my friends and family know the real me.”

Most of the video is just an update on what Davina has been up to this entire time she’s been on the DL, which is no doubt an effort to kickstart a career on YouTube. Good luck…errr, I guess.

Check out the full video below:

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