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There’s Now An Extended Full ‘Ocean’s 8’ Trailer And It’s Exactly What We Need Right Now

After more than a year of slow-burning hype for the all-female cast remake of Ocean’s 11, we finally have a full two-and-a-half minute Ocean’s 8 trailer — and the timing could not be better.

With Sandra Bullock as our new Ocean and Cate Blanchett playing the Brad Pitt to her Clooney, the heist is in good hands. And between Mindy Kaling, Helena Bonham Carter, Awkwafina, Sarah Paulson, Rihanna and (potential heist victim) Anne Hathaway, the Ocean’s 8 crew means business.

The trailer reveals that the heist is going down at the annual Met Gala and the target is some crazy-expensive bling. From what we can see there’s set to be plenty of glamour and a few laughs in this remake.

If Hollywood’s 2017 legacy is going to be calling out systemic sexism and abuse of male power, then maybe its 2018 legacy can be seeing women get access to the power that they have consistently been held back from.

The Ocean’s 8 trailer sliding in just before the new year feels like a nod to an era ahead where we’ll hopefully see women take more leading roles in Hollywood while some of the men take a back seat (looking at you Matt-what-about-the-men-Damon). With female-led films like Ocean’s 8 en route and House of Cards powering forward with Robin Wright as lead, it looks like the answer to our Hollywood problem is more women.

Of course, the backlash to any kind of progress is inevitable and beneath the Ocean’s 8 trailer you’ll find what my personal favourite commenter has described as: “Delicious male tears in this comment section”. There’s no need to dwell on what these predictable trolls are spitting out. It’s all your usual misogyny from “First they ruined Ghostbusters, now this, what’s next???” to the classic “No one asked for this!!!”.

Except, of course, we did ask for this thank you very much and we are pumped for the female star power that Ocean’s 8 is bringing our way. This is just the beginning. Ocean’s 8 is out in June 2018.

Via Junkee.

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