We Had An Extremely Down-To-Earth Chat With ‘Bachy’ Dumpee Brianna

Brianna was sent home on last night’s episode of The Bachelor to a relatively quiet response – sure, the women in the house were disappointed, but as an audience we barely knew her.

She quaffed wine last week when Dr. Matt talked about being ready to be a groom. Then we did see a bit of her in last night’s ep, where it was demonstrated she had a number of the qualities that Dr. Matt is looking for in a partner, but then failed to articulate what exactly she herself was looking for. She did mention fun though. And just fun is fine.

Punkee chatted to Brianna about how she didn’t really know Dr. Matt well enough to be smitten with him and who she thinks is going to win The Bachelor.

Here’s what Brianna had to say about her pretty chill time on The Bachelor:

On not knowing if Dr. Matt was the right guy for her

“I didn’t really get to know him that much. I think he’s a good guy, but I think if I had a chance to get to know him a bit more he definitely could have been someone that I could have liked.

“We didn’t speak enough for me to just be like, ‘Aww, you’re amazing.’ He’s a good guy, but you’ve gotta know each other a bit more.”

On that brutal self-assessment group date

“It was so uncomfortable. Everyone was hating it. You don’t wanna rate yourself the highest, you don’t want to rate yourself the lowest. It’s really uncomfortable. It was brutal.

“It’s kind of hard because everyone holds those qualities anyway. So you all think you sit somewhere. You don’t want to put yourself at the end, because you go, I am honest as well…”

On being asked to talk about her values and ideal partner to a person she didn’t really know yet

“I was the only one who hadn’t really spoken to him. So I think it was difficult to just have that chat and have to open up when I had barely said anything to him before. That made it a bit awkward.

“Obviously when I had to speak about my values, I did tell a lot more than just ‘fun’ – not that I elaborated a lot but there were other things that I mentioned.

“I’m gonna say it was slightly less awkward than it seemed, but it was definitely still awkward. Our conversation flowed a bit more, but there were still obviously those awkward moments. It was just weird. I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t know how I was gonna go out and just be like, ‘So, this is what I want.’ That’s just not me.”

On just honestly not having a set timeline for marriage and kids

“We weren’t on the same page. I think he was more wanting to know the timeline of when I wanted to get married and have kids and things like that. I obviously said I did want to find someone, [but] I didn’t have the timeline of when I wanted to get married. I think that’s what he wanted, but it seemed like I said I don’t know if I want love or not, which seems stupid.

“It’s true, I don’t really have a timeline for when I wanna get married. You’ve just gotta see how you go when you’re in a relationship, I guess. Obviously he’s at a different stage which is fair enough.”

On whether she’d still be in the mansion if Abbie hadn’t lied so much on that group date

“I think, even if [Abbie] did lie to get that rose, I still would’ve been sent home. Regardless of what she did or didn’t say, I don’t think we had a connection, and I think he knew that. I was expecting to go home… Most of the girls already had a connection with him anyway, and obviously our chat didn’t go that great. So yeah, I was kind of expecting [to leave].

“It’s good we got to have a chat, because I wouldn’t have wanted to leave and be like, oh well, he didn’t even try to get to know me, he doesn’t know what I’m like. The fact that we had that little chat, he knew where I stood and what I was like, it just seemed a lot more fair to let me go.”

On Dr. Matt making a point of bringing up her age last night, when she’s older than some of the other girls in the Bachelor mansion

“I don’t know if he means more maturity, rather than age, because there are a large number of people that are my age or a year younger. So I think using age doesn’t make it seem great, because everyone knows everyone’s the same age. But I understand that some people are more mature and want different things, when some people of the same age aren’t as mature.”

On needing to get out of her Perth bubble to find love

“I hadn’t found anyone and I’d been single for a long time. I feel like in Perth I’ve gone around enough and I still haven’t found anyone, so I just thought I’d broaden my horizons, get out of my box and see if I could find love somewhere else.”

On who she reckons will win Dr. Matt’s heart on The Bachelor

“I think between Elly or Chelsie… I’ve always had those thoughts in the house. Now watching it back as well, just seeing what he says about them, it seems like he has a really strong connection with both of them. They tick all the boxes. They’re both really great girls.”