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Bachy’s Steph On Locky Blindsiding Her With His Decision & Her Support For Bella

Steph Harper came in hot on The Bachelor, wooing Locky with her love for burritos and turning the group photo shoot date into comic gold.

As Locky formed strong connections with early frontrunners like Bella and Irena, Steph seemed like a dark horse and she finally got some single time with Locky after last night’s group date where she landed a sneaky pash on him while he was blindfolded.

On the date, Locky appeared to friendzone Steph, and she was left roseless at the rose ceremony that followed, just narrowly missing out on making hometown visits.

We talked to Steph about her time on The Bachelor, finally getting closure, and she spilt some tea on the Bella and Irena situation:

steph the bachelor 2020

We stan Daddy Steph!

On finally realising why she didn’t get a rose:

“It’s nice to feel free and I finally got my closure, I finally know why he sent me home. Apparently I was friendzoned! I had to watch the episode back to know that, I had no inclination at all. The only indication I had that I might be going home is that I didn’t receive the rose at the end of the date.”

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“Our chat was good, our body language was good. We talked about friends, family, and our future goals. I did get a second kiss on the date that was not shown. For me it was romantic, I thought it was for him too, but obviously not!

On creating a connection with Locky in Lockdown:

“When we were in lockdown we had some really great chats as well, we’d talk on the phone for hours.I went back into the mansion thinking things would be good, he told my Dad we’d get time together, but it is what it is. I was annoyed he didn’t tell me why, I’ve had to wait until now to figure out what went on. At the time I was so confused, I didn’t understand the things he said to me. I’m in a good place now, so I wish him the best.”

On the house drama and the Bella and Irena feud:

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“It was tricky to stay out of the house drama. You’re always going to form an opinion when you’re close to the girls. I was involved a little bit in the Irena and Bella stuff, because Irena did say some things to me about Bella, that I then asked Bella if she had said and she hadn’t. I did believe Bella because some other things Irena said turned out not to be true.”

“Some of the time it was like Irena was trying to change herself to suit whoever she was speaking with. She was interested in the things you were, or whatever. I know what she said about me that wasn’t very nice, and I know what she said to me about Bella that wasn’t nice, so I just think she’s probably not my kind of person.”

On what Irena’s comment to Steph was:

“Just know that it was hurtful and it was at a time where I was feeling super vulnerable and I think it played on that a lot. It did not sit well with me, it hurt me quite a bit.”

On watching the show back and if anything surprised her:

“Some of the drama has caught me off guard! Like with Zoe-Clare on the first night, I had NO idea any of that happened! There’s so much going on all the time, you do miss things. It’s definitely been a long season, I’m happy to be free.”

On whether she’d do Bachelor In Paradise, and who’s caught her eye:

“I’m a yes woman, so I’ll take any opportunity that comes my way. But it depends where I was when I was asked, I’m dating at the moment, I’ve got a hot date tonight!”

“I’d need a tall guy, because I’m quite a tall girl but I feel like Alex was cute from last season. But I need to see the boys coming for this season of The Bachelorette!”

On who she hopes wins The Bachelor:

“I think Bella has a really good connection with Locky and I’d like to see her happy.”