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Apparently Bella & Irena’s Feud Will Last For The Rest Of This Bachy Season

The drama we didn’t see coming on this season of The Bachelor was the fallout between former besties on the show, Irena Srbinovska and Bella Varelis.

Tension was brewing in the ‘Love in Lockdown’ episodes, and during last week’s cocktail party the two came face-to-face for the first time, with Irena pulling Bella aside for a chat to talk about what went wrong with their friendship.

At the centre of it, it appeared both women were struggling to maintain their friendship because of their strong feelings for Locky. Bella said she couldn’t trust Irena anymore after Irena said Locky had been calling her every day. Irena claimed Locky had called her, with Bella stating that Irena was fabricating the details behind her contact with Locky in lockdown.

If you’re feeling confused, same. The tiff ended with Bella storming off and calling Irena a manipulative bitch. It was a lot.

The latest episode of the So Dramatic! Podcast has shed more light on the drama, giving us more inside information to what really caused things to unravel so fast.

Irena allegedly told Steph that Bella had “body-shamed her” which made Bella confront Irena and call her a liar. Bella then got some of the other girls onside (Izzy, Maddy, Bec, and Steph being name-dropped) and they “iced out” Irena with plans to tell Locky how “bad and manipulative” Irena is. “They claim that she also made up a secret plan to destroy Izzy, and Izzy attempts to tell Locky the truth and throw Irena under the bus,” So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto claims.

According to the Daily Mail, the other girls took Bella’s side in the fight because they thought she was destined to be the winner.

Bella and Irena’s feud is apparently set to continue for the rest of the season and it got so bad that the other girls didn’t want to be around them anymore. If the rumours are true that these two are the final two, that’s going to be one awkward finale.

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