00s TV Shows

6 ’00s TV Shows You Should Binge If You’re Thirsty AF

The ’00s were a golden era for absolute hunks appearing on our TV screens without shirts on. In fact, it could be said that the ’00s had more shirtless hunks on TV than any other decade.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost ten years since we first saw Joe Manganiello take his shirt off in True Blood, or that it’s been 14 years since we first saw Jared Padalecki take his shirt off in Supernatural.

If you haven’t already seen these shows, ya damn well should start tonight because they’re on a whole other level to anything that’s streaming in 2019.

Here are six of the best ’00s TV shows that you should binge because the cast is so damn hot.

#1 Gossip Girl

Penn Badgley and Blake Lively as rich Upper East Side socialites can fuck me right up.

The show’s got DRAMA and SEX and KRISTEN BELL VOICEOVERS. And people with perfect hair and torsos. Dan is a total fuckboi but he’s hot so I’m very turned on and confused at the same time. That’s quality television for you.

If I had to list one flaw with this show it would be that Dan isn’t as hot when he shaves his hair. Except I don’t have to and so I won’t — this show is perfect.

#2 Supernatural

I think this show is about demons and angels and the devil, but what I DO know is that it stars two very attractive men who prove that it’s impossible to save the world without taking your shirt off.

It’s been running forever and I know I’m right when I say that the reason people still watch it is because y’all are thirsty bitches. At this point it’s not even a joke anymore – the insanely hot cast describe their own show as underwear models who fight demons.

#3 True Blood

Vampires have never been, and I cannot stress this enough, sexier.

Alexander Skarsgård, Joe Manganiello and our very own precious Ryan Kwanten spend most of this show without their shirts on, seducing everything that moves because with abs like that, what else are you going to do?

#4 Grey’s Anatomy

See, it’s funny because the Grey’s Anatomy Wikipedia page says that it’s about doctors working in a hospital, but really it’s about doctors having a lot of sexual tension and secret hook-ups in closets.

And we’re not mad. “I will keep watching your thinly veiled medical drama if you keep introducing sexy Italian nurses for me to thirst over” – everyone, 2019.

There’s a character literally named McSteamy which, yes.

#5 The O.C.

Bad boy? Tick. Cute but awkward nerd with an inexplicable six pack? Tick. Hot DILF? Tickety tick.

The OC was a pop culture phenomenon but really, its greatest legacy is scenes like Adam Brody and Benjamin McKenzie in a hot tub, Adam Brody naked in bed and Benjamin McKenzie carrying Mischa Barton in his big, strong arms.

#6 Lost

I’m aware that Lost was a trash can fire by its finale, but we’re not here today to discuss quality storytelling. We’re here today to discuss extremely hot people who made us want to watch trash can fire television.

‘Specially, we’re here to discuss Sawyer and Jin, the men who made the most of island life by wandering around constantly shirtless. I literally couldn’t tell you anything about their characters because every time they appeared on screen I start seeing stars and hearing Untouched by The Veronicas. Seriously, was it a requirement of ’00s TV shows for there to be at least one man who would show his abs in each episode?

Either way, we’re not complaining.