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The New Character On ’13 Reasons Why’ Is Being Read To Filth Online

A new season of 13 Reasons Why dropped on Netflix over the weekend and already has the internet abuzz.

Season 3 of the popular teen series shines a spotlight on toxic masculinity and includes some pretty groundbreaking scenes on abortion as well as stories from survivors of abuse. However, all anyone can talk about is the series’ new character and season narrator, Ani, and more specifically: how much fans hate her.

Taking over from Hannah Baker as the narrator of the series was never going to be an easy task, but introducing a new character to fill this role (whose job is explaining the messy intricacies of the Liberty High class) was frustrating as hell to watch.

To add to this Ani constantly contradicts herself especially in her exchanges with Clay and Jessica. The character is so despised that the actress portraying Ani, Grace Saif, has been receiving abuse from fans and has even deleted her Instagram account.

Series star Timothy Granaderos has since come to her defense, posting this callout to fans on Instagram:

It shouldn’t have to be said, but obviously an actress shouldn’t be held accountable for the actions of a fictionalised character they play, regardless if fans found the character exhausting.

It’s also important to note… where were these beloved characters this season?!

With some of our fave OG characters sidelined, it seems like a misstep by writers to put Ani as front and centre of an entire season. Many fans are tweeting about their growing frustrations with Ani’s unrelenting presence in Season 3 and the results are funny AF.

Viewers weren’t vibing the new 13 Reasons Why character and weren’t shy in calling Ani out:

The fans ain’t mincing their words, huh.

The people have spoken…