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Literally 15 Funny Tweets About Going To School In Australia That’ll Make You Say “Same”

If you talk to anyone from outside Oz, you’ll quickly discover that going to school in Australia is a rather unique experience.

Growing up down under has its positives and negatives. While it’s often too hot to study at all, you also get to have sick water fights and occasionally you’ll get a frosty fruit if it gets past 40 degrees.

There are countless quirks you’ll come across in Aussie schools that seem to be standard across the whole continent.

Here are 15 relatable tweets about going to school in Australia:

1. This contemporary Australian proverb.

2. A rule that ruined many recesses across the country.

3. I still don’t know why we got so excited about this.

4. And why did this eraser dictate our every move?!

5. This was a real lunchtime mood.

6. I’m still trying to fathom why we all got up so early to bounce a damn tennis ball.

7. These pens are still pretty lit.

8. Tbh, I learnt everything I know about science from watching CSI.

9. And Snow Patrol’s ‘Chasing Cars’ got me through some real shit.

10. There was always a horse girl. Always.

11. Lunch order day was the best day of the week.

12. This is still very weird.

13. Getting your pen licence was your proudest primary school moment.

14. When the book fair came to your school it was practically Christmas.

15. And I still have no clue how the rest of the national anthem goes.